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BMW: A Brief History

Now a successful car manufacturing company, BMW had humble beginnings. With an emphasis first on engines and then on vehicles, the company survived a variety of situations in Why You Need to Have the Latest Weight Loss Supplements and Pills? order to continue producing vehicles that are loved all around the world.

When a person purchases a BMW, they often miss out on the rich automotive history that accompanies the brand. While the name itself tends to create visions of affluence and style, there is more to this manufacturer that just the look of the vehicles. Back in 1929, three different manufacturing companies began to work together to create Bayerische Motoren Werke, also known as the Bavarian Motor Works.

Airplanes and Motorcycles:

While most people associate BMW with automotive products, it started out as a company focused on airplane engines. With changes in the world Grim Facade: The Artist And The Pretender Collector's Edition as a result of World War I, the need for aircraft engines declined and treaties were set into place to decrease production as a whole. Instead Paranormal Crime Investigations: Brotherhood Of The Crescent Snake Collector's Edition of folding, the company began to change its emphasis over to motorcycles Theatre Of The Absurd Collector's Edition in 1923. It was not until 1928 that the first automobile was produced, called the Dixi.

Automotive Changes:

When the treaties from World War I were lifted, BMW returned to working Asthma - Causes, Symptoms and Treatments on airplane engines. This continued throughout World Tmineyxo War II while the automotive portion of the company continued to decline. In the late 1950's, financial difficulties threatened the continued manufacturing of vehicles. The company had an important to Foods to Stall Your HCG Weight Loss decision to make. They could liquidate the brand or look for help in an attempt to carry on the brand and production.

Back on Track:

Around this A Property Auction Site Shouts time, economy Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector's Edition cars were in demand and BMW looked into the rights to manufacture the Iso Isetta. With the basic parts of the Redemption Cemetery: Clock Of Fate Collector's Edition motorcycle engine in place, this vehicle began to get the brand back on track and gave the owners the opportunity to once again, make a push into the automotive industry. The purchase of the Hans Glass company also helped to propel the brand forward, giving them access to a timing belt that would increase the efficiency of the engine and a vehicle's performance.

Modern Times:

In the early 1990's, Bavarian Motor Works began to look for other brands to purchase, including Rover. This gave them the ability to produce the Land Rover as well as other vehicles from both Austin and Morris. None of these companies were successful and A Fire Safety Escape Plan Tells Everyone What To Do If Your Home Catches On Fire. ended up being sold to other companies over the next several years. Over the years the vehicles have undergone changes both under the hood and to the aesthetics but brand itself still stands for quality and affluence. As of 2012, Forbes magazine named the BMW Company one of the most reputable companies in the world. The perception of the brand is at the very least, continuing to increase and climb.



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    BMW: A Brief History
    Now a successful car manufacturing company, BMW had humble beginnings. With an emphasis first on engines and then on vehicles, the company survived a ...
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